Which MERV Rating Air Filter Should I Buy?

So you know you need to change your air filters on a regular basis, but you’re not sure which MERV rating is the right one to choose. You see all kinds of numbers and ratings at the store indicating a difference between filters that look exactly the same. You may even look like this man above, confused as to what any of this information means. Do you choose the higher number or the lower number? Is there really a difference?  Here’s a breakdown of our most popular filters to make your decision easier.

MERV 8 Air Filters

These Merv 8 filters have a high capacity rating and are perfect for light to medium duty use. They maintain better air flow, provide good filtration and hold lots of dust.  They do a great job of capturing allergens like pollen, dust mites, large pet dander, carpet fibers, dog hair, cat hair, and even human hair. Choose this if you want better filtration than what you will find in the store for the same price.

MERV 8 with Carbon for odors

This filter does everything the regular MERV 8 does and more. It uses activated carbon granules to neutralize odors and absorb pollutants. It eliminates smells associated with cleaning products, alcohols, sewers, cooking and more. Choose MERV 8 with carbon if you want good filtration plus odor control.

MERV 11 Air Filters

MERV 11 filters are slightly superior to MERV 8 filters. They capture extra pollutants in your home like mold spores, lung-damaging dust, most bacteria, auto emission particles, hairspray particles, and some insecticide dust and smoke particles. Choose MERV 11 or higher if there are smokers in the home or people with compromised immune systems.

MERV 13 Air Filters

Our MERV 13 filters have an even higher capacity rating. If you’re seeking LEED Certification , which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, these are the filters for you. This is the highest recommended residential air filter on the market and it is especially for families with infants, elderly, severe allergies or just a concern for healthy Indoor Air Quality in general.

Choosing the right air filter really depends on your home, lifestyle and concern for Indoor Air Quality. If there are no problems with mold and no one uses hairspray or smokes, the GRAB 8 filter provides better filtration than most big box store brands and is still very passive to air flow. If you need extra filtration of those smaller particles, including mold spores and smog choose a GRAB 11 or higher. Choose GRAB 13 filters if you have fragile immune systems in the building or severe allergies and want the best for your home.  Also, if you’re seeking LEED certification or just want filters that are up to those environmental standards, choose GRAB 13. Understanding those numbers makes choosing the right filter a lot easier but more importantly learning more about your HVAC system will help you SAVE MONEY. Follow us to learn more!

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