MERV 8 Grab Odors brand filters provide high-quality air filtration for homes and businesses. With a high capacity rating, these air filters are perfect for light to medium duty use in home and business environments. They maintain excellent airflow, provide good filtration and hold lots of dust making them superior to store bought air filters at similar prices.

GRAB ODORS Features:

Eliminates Odors with Carbon

Carbon removes odors instead of just covering them up. The MERV 8 GRAB ODORS brand filter also removes chemical vapors from the air. Activated carbon is very porous, and it traps the particles that cause household odors. With activated carbon, you are actually decontaminating the air. The activated carbon granules neutralize even the strongest odors and absorb pollutants. It eliminates smells associated with cleaning products, alcohols, sewers, cooking and more. These filters are perfect if you want good filtration plus odor control.

Removes Large Allergens

MERV 8 filters remove large allergens from the circulating air to create a healthier indoor environment. They also remove household dust so you can breathe cleaner air.

The toxins these filters remove include:

  • dust mites
  • pollen
  • plant spores
  • pet dander
  • insecticide dusts
  • mold spores
  • hairspray
  • auto emissions
  • VOC’s
  • human hair
  • lint
  • common household chemicals
  • other allergens

Protects HVAC Systems

High-quality air filters play an important role in preventative maintenance for HVAC systems. Removing large particles from circulating air helps protect your lungs—and your investment.  MERV 8 filters remove 70% of large particulates from your indoor environment.

Built to Commercial Specifications

Built to commercial specifications, these high-performance filters come in standard 1-inch sizing for HVAC systems, furnaces and heat pumps. We also carry individual filters in sizes ranging from 3-6 inches for a perfect fit. Choose the filter size recommended for your HVAC system for the best performance to prolong the life of your system. provides the very best in disposable air filters for homes, offices and businesses. Order your MERV 8 Grab Odors filters online today to make it simple and hassle-free to keep your air clean. Choosing the right air filter makes a huge difference in your indoor air quality. If there are no problems with mold and no one smokes indoors, the GRAB 8 filter provides better filtration than most big-box store brands and is conducive to good air flow.