Have you ever noticed unpleasant smells lingering in your home even after you’ve taken the garbage out? Cooking odors and garbage smells are two of the biggest offenders, and every home faces the same problem. Certain not-so-fresh scents just seem to hang around. While there are products designed to mask those unpleasant smells, they don’t actually eliminate the particulates that are floating around in the air. Our GRAB 8c filters have activated carbon to help absorb odors while filtering the air in your home. They eliminate smells without adding more harmful chemicals to your indoor environment and provides a long-lasting solution instead of a temporary cover up.


Why Smells Linger in Your Home

You’ve probably noticed that after cooking certain foods, the smell lingers long after you’ve enjoyed your meal. The reason this happens is because the air still contains particles left behind during the cooking process. Getting rid of those smells can be a challenge when you try to use aerosol sprays or other “air fresheners” because these products aren’t really making the air any fresher. They simply add even more particulates into your air to mask smells. Using carbon to get rid of odors is a cleaner solution that actually leaves your air fresher and free of the contaminants that caused those unpleasant smells in the first place.

How Activated Carbon Works

The  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers a simple explanation of how activated carbon works. It filters harmful chemicals from polluted air because harmful particulates stick to the surface of the carbon itself and become trapped inside the pores of its granules. Carbon is also used to clean contaminated water because it’s that good at trapping particles. The organization actually uses activated carbon to clean up areas called Superfund sites—places that have been contaminated by hazardous, toxic waste.


Filters with Carbon Absorb Unpleasant Smells in the Home

Filters with activated carbon absorb harmful toxins from the air in your home, and they also absorb unpleasant odors while they filter the air. This eliminates bad smells, and it also eliminates the need to use air fresheners to get rid of lingering odors. Air fresheners can trigger allergy symptoms and add to the number of contaminants in a home, so using activated carbon is the best method for combating odors. Instead of adding more pollutants, the number of particles circulating throughout your space is actually reduced.

If you want a long-term solution that keeps your home smelling fresh, ditch the sprays and use GRAB 8c filters. The air circulating throughout your home will actually be fresh on a consistent basis. All air filters need to be changed on a regular basis to protect your HVAC system and your lungs. GRAB 8c air filters with activated carbon solve the problem without the need for additional products. When you switch to using filters with activated carbon, you’ll also be eliminating offensive odors in your home—for good.

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