Why Do I Need Better Air Filters?

Most people these days are wising up to the fact that today’s appliances aren’t built with the same integrity that they used to be and are turning to the Internet to learn more about proper home maintenance to prevent these issues. If you just moved into a new house or recently had to shell out big bucks to upgrade your HVAC system and want to learn more about what you can do to keep your home healthy and clean join our monthly Newsletter for more info.

Did you know that newer, more energy-efficient homes and buildings need better air filtration than ever due to lack of air exchanges with the fresh outside air? It’s true, indoor air pollution is becoming a serious problem. Especially in new construction or renovations where the VOC’s  (Volatile Organic Compounds) from paint and carpeting are infiltrating your lungs with every breath. Modern HVAC equipment needs better protection as well, as the new, highly efficient motors are very susceptible to breakdowns from lack of maintenance and poor filtration. Installing high-quality air filters and changing them often is one of the best ways to protect your family, friends and the HVAC equipment you rely on to keep you safe from the outside conditions.

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What are the consequences of CHEAP air filters?

The primary function of an air filter is to protect your lungs and your HVAC equipment from damaging debris in the air, and a poor quality filter will do more harm than good, which is why you should steer clear! Here are 5 reasons you should avoid cheaply made air filters:

  1. Inferior filters cause failure of HVAC systems by either restricting airflow into the air handler or furnace (store-bought pleated filters) or allowing dirt and dust to flow freely through the filter and get trapped in your unit (cheap fiberglass filters).
  2. Ducts of HVAC systems become dirty quickly so you may end up spending huge amounts of money to get them cleaned more often.
  3. They can adversely affect your indoor air quality by allowing lung damaging particles to flow freely through them, which could trigger allergies, asthma and COPD when mixed with the supply air of your house.
  4. You will discover a sudden increase in consumption of energy and electricity bills as the fan motor has to work harder than usual as the cheap pleated filters load with debris.
  5. Your HVAC system will constantly need repairs or cleanings due to the internal components essentially filtering your air by becoming clogged with dirt.

So… now what? You know what to avoid. Let me tell you about our filters. You may have noticed when selecting air filters at your local store that they are flimsy and can bow in your air conditioner or furnace. Our filters are not like that. With 16+ years in the HVAC industry I can attest that these filters are made to do the job! Every filter is manufactured with commercial quality and sealed edge to edge to encapsulate allergens and particles from infecting your air. The filter material is 100% chemical free and resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria growth. The result is a sturdy, highly effective air filter which is, by the way, made HERE in the USA.

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