Here at we are proud to say we are commited to only selling American-made air filters. What is the reason for this? We’re committed to serving America in all the ways possible, especially economically so when we think about helping create jobs we want them right here.

So, WHY BUY AMERICAN? When you buy locally created products, such as air filters, you are creating jobs for those that manufacture the products – this is, on average, 3 – 5 jobs per manufactured process. If every American spent an extra $3 on American-made products, it would create approximately 10,000 new jobs. Atop that, if every builder used 5% more American-made products, it would create over 200,000 jobs.

We believe in recycling dollars. The money you spend locally in the US not only positively affects the city or county’s economy, in turn, it also positively affects the country’s economy. If all of our commerce was conducted within the US, then our economy would continue to be stable; and tourism will increase the money spent in America thence-forth.

The downside to importing from other countries includes the usage of shipping materials overseas to the US – an added toll to the petroleum usage and increasing emissions in our atmosphere.

Furthermore, we here at supports human rights. Importing from other countries with lesser regulations than our own means we are supporting sweatshop jobs and less than desirable working conditions for other human beings – including children and low wages.

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