GRAB 11 is our high capacity MERV 11 air filter for your air conditioner or furnace. It provides great filtration, better indoor air quality, and longer service life than typical air filters. It’s sturdy 2 piece frame construction reduces dust and allergen bypass since it rests firmly against the filter holding frame in your air conditioner or furnace.

It does a great job of capturing allergens like mold spores, lung damaging dust, pollen, dust mite allergens, most bacteria, some insecticide dust, some smoke particles, auto emission particles, hair spray particles, plant spores, pet dander, carpet fibers, dog hair, cat hair, human hair, large pet dander, and more.

High capacity in pleated air filters relates to the number of pleats in like filters. Simply stated, the more pleats in an air conditioning or furnace filter, the better air flow and higher dust holding capacity; it works better and lasts longer than typical store bought pleated air filters.

This air filter averages 18 pleats per foot versus 12 – 16 pleats per foot in most store bought filters. Our air filter media content is about two-and-a-half times the area of the filter itself; a filter that is 4 square feet has about 10 square feet of media. More media traps more allergens.

You may have noticed when selecting air filters at your favorite store that it is flimsy and can bow in your air conditioner or furnace. Our filters are not like that. Every filter is manufactured with commercial quality.

A bottom beverage board, tray-like frame is laid down, the wire-back pleated media is placed inside, then a the sturdy, moisture-resistant beverage board top frame is laid on top and glued to the bottom frame.

The result is a sturdy, very effective air filter which is, by the way, made by hand in the USA.

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