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What To Do When Your Furnace Stops Working

When your furnace stops working, you notice pretty quickly during the winter months. Generally, your system will have either stopped running altogether or it will have started blowing cold or room temperature air around. There are few different ways to troubleshoot problems with a furnace, depending on the type of heating system you have. Many […]

How to Keep Harmful Dust Out of Your Lungs

Dust seems pretty harmless. After all, it’s just dust…right? That’s the attitude many people take toward the dust in their homes. However, dust is not just dust. It’s actually made up of particles that can cause some serious lung problems. People with allergies, asthma or COPD need to be especially aware of the dust in […]

How to Make Your Home Smell Fresh All the Time

  Have you ever noticed unpleasant smells lingering in your home even after you’ve taken the garbage out? Cooking odors and garbage smells are two of the biggest offenders, and every home faces the same problem. Certain not-so-fresh scents just seem to hang around. While there are products designed to mask those unpleasant smells, they […]

Are Fiberglass Air Filters Really Bad?

Fiberglass Filters vs Pleated Air Filters   What Are Fiberglass Air Filters? Fiberglass air filters seem to offer a cheap solution when it’s time to replace your home furnace filters. I get it, sometimes you can find them in your local hardware store for less than $3 bucks a piece. That seems like a great […]

Easy Ways to Instantly Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Is poor Indoor Air Quality affecting your life? Did you know that the air inside your home or office can be more toxic than the air outside? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says typical indoor environments are two to five times more toxic than outdoors.  There are lots of sources of these toxins: mold, tobacco smoke, […]

Which MERV Rating Air Filter Should I Buy?

Which MERV Rating Air Filter Should I Buy? So you know you need to change your air filters on a regular basis, but you’re not sure which MERV rating is the right one to choose. You see all kinds of numbers and ratings at the store indicating a difference between filters that look exactly the same. […]

4 Reasons To Change Your Air Filter Often

There are plenty of good reasons to change your air filter on a regular basis. Doing so benefits your health and your finances. Dirty air filters can’t efficiently remove particulates from the air. This can cause serious breathing problems, especially for people with allergies. It can also put a serious strain on your HVAC system. […]