5 Easy Ways to Keep Your AC Working Properly This Summer

Your air conditioner is an investment—and a pretty hefty one at that—so it’s crucial to the life of your unit that you keep it clean and maintained for proper operation. You need to take a few simple steps and precautions to ensure your air conditioner keeps you cool all summer long. This guide makes it simple.

Turn off the unit while you mow or use the weed eater.

One of the first things I always tell my clients is to turn the air conditioner off while mowing or weed-eating. These outdoors tasks can throw lots of grass into your unit. Being consistent about doing this will keep your condenser coil from getting clogged up with grass and other small debris.

Keep  plants away from your air conditioning unit.

On a related note, sometimes people surround their unit with decorative plantings or let weeds grow up around the unit to try to hide it from view. That’s really not a good idea.  If leaves, flower petals, and other plant debris get sucked up into the unit (and they will!) it can clog the condenser coil. If you can’t stand the sight of your unit, come up with a different solution that won’t damage your air conditioner.

Get regular tune ups

I also stress to my clients the importance of getting tune ups at least once, and ideally, twice per year. A proper tune up includes checking capacitors, motors, refrigerant levels, coil conditions, and proper drainage to prevent leaks. Paying for this service on a regular basis can seem like an unnecessary expense, but when you know the cost of a new air conditioning unit, you quickly realize that tune ups are relatively inexpensive—and totally necessary.

Turn off your major appliances during severe weather.

When big storms are rolling through, turn all your large appliances off to prevent a brown out condition if the power is lost. Brown outs are when extended power outages occur only in a localized area. Help keep it from happening in your area by turning off those appliances that pull lots of power while severe weather is occurring. It could keeping you from spending hours sitting in the dark.

Check the batteries on your electronic thermostat.

On a final note, be sure to replace those thermostat batteries when needed. People sometimes think their air conditioning unit is broken because it stopped working when in reality, their thermostat has stopped sending instructions to the unit because the batteries are simply out of juice. Always check this before calling for emergency ac service if your unit suddenly stops working. This is often what’s going on, and it’s an easy fix that requires no service calls.

So stay cool this summer by turning the air conditioning off while you mow, keeping plants away from your unit, turning large appliances off during storms, getting regular tune ups, and checking those thermostat batteries. And, of course, by making sure you’re changing your filters as needed with ease and convenience by ordering high-quality replacements from here.

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